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Guru Pellet Pliers 4.95
The Pellet Pliers are a simple device that make the task of banding a pellet very quick and easy.

Guru Hooks To Nylon 6" 2.95
Perfect hook size to line strength ratio. Tied to Guru N-Gauge line. Perfectly tied spade end hook. Figure of eight loop for easy connection. Ideal for use with Pellets, Corn, Meat, etc.
Method Feeder Clips £2.95
When it comes to fishing Method-style feeders it is usually a big advantage to have your hookbait right in amongst your loosefeed, and to be able to ensure that it stays there.
LWGF Feeder Spec. Rigs £3.95
The Light Wide Gape Feeder hook pattern has been a big success and is the hook of choice for many feeder anglers, so it made perfect sense to use this spade end pattern here and it will be popular with those of you who aren’t confident in tying on your own spade ends!
Guru Inline Plummets £3.75
Availible 10, 20 and 30g – the plummets are designed so the line goes straight through the middle of the plummet’s axis, allowing anglers to find the depth with millimetre accuracy. 2 Plummets per pack.

Guru Pulse 8 Braid £21.75
Going by the way that Guru revolutionise various items of fishing tackle, this Guru Pulse8 Braid is going to take the long distance feeder market by storm!!


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